The power industry is the foundation of national economic and social development of the industry and public utilities, along with the rapid development of our national economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the degree of dependence on electric power is more and more high. Electricity demand is closely related to the national economy, and the coefficient of elasticity of electricity reflects the relative relationship between the growth rate of electricity consumption and the growth rate of national economy.

Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has entered a period of rapid development, especially since the beginning of this century, the rapid development of industrialization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, the high-speed pulling heavy industry and electric power industry for more than 20 years ago the average speed of development is growing, the trend continues; the next ten years is a crucial period for China to the construction of a well-off society, from the economic cycle and the development of power industry, the economy of our country and the development of electric power industry began to enter a new round of development period from 2010, during this period, the accelerated process of industrialization, will enter the depth of processing stage, with the adjustment of industrial structure, technological progress and industrial structure optimization and the basic realization of modernization.

"12th Five-Year" energy planning and development: one is to develop new energy industry, accelerate the construction of nuclear power, to develop wind, solar and biomass energy, use of clean coal industry development; the two is to strengthen the traditional energy industry, the construction of large energy base, the development of coal, large effort energy enterprises; three is to improve the security the mechanism of comprehensive development and utilization of energy security, to co-ordinate domestic and international energy, strengthen the energy balance and layout coordination, reasonable arrangements for the construction of coal oil and gas; four is to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, promote the comprehensive development and utilization of resources, improve the mechanism of resource development and reasonable mechanism of ecological restoration; the five is to improve the urban and rural residents electricity conditions the vast rural areas, strengthen the construction of energy.

"12th Five-Year" energy planning development goals: coal will remain the main energy status, hydropower, wind power, biomass energy, nuclear power, solar energy production scale will be greatly improved. At the end of 12th Five-Year, China will form six to eight large coal groups, and put forward the concept of coal transfer area and call out zone according to the regional economic characteristics. At the same time, renewable energy, hydropower will urge to play the main role of renewable energy, wind power as an important new force of renewable energy, the solar energy as following the greatest potential for renewable energy industry, and promote the diversified development of biomass energy. In 12th Five-Year, the investment in energy planning is expected to be 5 trillion yuan, of which the power supply construction investment is expected to be 2 trillion and 650 billion yuan, and the investment in power grid construction is expected to be 2 trillion and 350 billion yuan.

"12th Five-Year" energy planning power construction target: as of 2015, the domestic hydropower installed capacity reached 280 million kilowatts, 84 million 820 thousand kwh of electricity, equivalent to 2.67 tons of standard coal. The Yellow River will focus on the development of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in the upper reaches of the Red River in Wujiang Lancang River Basin eight thirteen hydropower bases; wind power installed capacity target of 90 million kilowatts (including offshore wind power 5 million kilowatts), 180 billion kwh electricity; biomass energy installed capacity will reach 13 million kilowatts, 65 billion kwh electricity; nuclear power installed capacity target 30 million kilowatts; solar power generation will reach 5 million kilowatts, 7 billion 500 million kwh electricity; built in North China, East China and central China (Chinese) UHV power grid, the formation of "three vertical and three horizontal ring". The next 5 years, the amount of investment will reach 270 billion yuan uhv.

In terms of renewable energy, the "12th Five-Year plan" put forward the "ten key projects of renewable energy", including major hydropower base projects, 10 million kilowatts of wind power projects, renewable energy demonstration cities, etc.. Among them, the major hydropower base project will promote the hydropower development of Jinsha River, the Nu River basin; for our previously planned seven million kilowatts of wind power project, which will have five large projects built in the "12th Five-Year" period; for renewable energy demonstration city, "12th Five-Year" will be conducted during the double standard evaluation from the two aspects of the development renewable energy "and" energy saving ". It is expected that in 2020, China new energy power generation installed capacity of 290 million kilowatts, accounting for about 17% of the total installed. Among them, the nuclear power installed capacity will reach 70 million kilowatts, wind power installed nearly 150 million kilowatts, solar power installed capacity will reach 20 million kilowatts, biomass power generation will reach 30 million kilowatts. The next ten years, new energy investment will reach 10 trillion.

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