1, China's manufacturing industry, precision metal regional development is not balanced
Because the tilt of the industrial policy, the different economic policy, China's economic production factors and resources imbalance and other factors, our country economical development is not balanced, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Sea Economic Circle high degree of openness, market economy and private economy is more developed, focused on the domestic the main precision metal manufacturing enterprises, the regional concentration of precision manufacturing enterprises more than 80% of the country.
2, precision metal manufacturing enterprises, but weaker
In recent years, China's precision metal manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, state-owned capital and private capital have been involved in the industry, it is estimated that there are about 10000 Chinese enterprises specializing in precision metal manufacturing.
Although a large number of precision metal manufacturing enterprises in China, but on the whole, in terms of financial strength or from the technical equipment and production technology, China precision metal manufacturing enterprise strength is relatively weak, with annual sales of more than billion yuan enterprises rarely compared at a competitive disadvantage in the leading precision metal and foreign manufacturing industry.
3, demand makes less direct competition among enterprises in the industry
The development of the industry in recent years, with foreign investment in the country, and the concept of outsourcing approval and other factors gradually developed, the enterprise in the industry through the strict certification of customers, become the core customer supply chain is an important part of the. Enterprises in the industry with knowledge of customer service industry and its own technical service capabilities, provide for the common design and prototyping, product mix series of service products for clients, thus providing products manufacturing services to the enterprises are often more embodied as one or several fixed customer industry.
In addition, the industry is now facing a continued expansion of the downstream market, the downstream of the precision manufacturing service needs to maintain a growth rate of over 30% in recent years, while the manufacturing service subject to capacity constraints, the inter industry direct competition is relatively less.
4, from the point of view of the degree of service product, industry general communications, new energy, precision machine tool because the product precision has obvious influence on the quality of the final product, sales, so the industry to provide more products in additional manufacturing, service content, gross profit level than other industries to customers.
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